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Concerning the newspaper "Capital" publication on 02.03.2016 titled "Why "Anel "attacks "Capital"

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On 01.03.2016 through an official letter to "Economedia" we asked for getting a right of reply, after scores of their publications, undermining our good name and reputation of our company. Instead of obtaining the right of reply, according to the Code of Ethics of the Bulgarian media, they flooded us again by another bucket of "sloppy" - obviously prepared for us in advance. What more obvious illustration of using the media as blackjacks? In their last, quite inadequate reaction, they have once more used the remake - Yovo Nikolov poured out again crocodile tears for a "monk" seal and a cave that exist only in his imagination.  They cried again on the „bought up” circulation, and it is really funny and absurd. Is it possible a sane person to believe that a serious company would deal to seek and "buy up" too modest and almost apocryphal circulation of certain newspaper? Even the daily document flow in our company exceeds their circulation.
In the 02.03.2016 publication  titled „Why " Anel " attacks " Capital ", the author Alexei Lazarov argued  that "behind the journalists of  „Economedi"   stand „clear principles" and that „all of them without exception are pathologically honest in their work ".  Then let their editorially responsible Yovo Nokolov answer the following few questions:

1. Over the period of 2006 to 01.03.2016 (until the moment of our address to the media), did he pay local taxes and fees on his property in Sozopol? / On the declared by him "bare earth", of BGN 0, 69 per square meter, i.e. BGN 20- 30 per year /

2. Why he hasn’t brought into use and hasn’t declared to the Local Taxes and Fees department of Sozopol Municipality the built house on the property, provided that he and his family have been using it for at least 7-9 years?

3. Did he not know, that his wife Iva Petroni as  Chief of the staff of Vejdi Rashidov  at MK,  quite conscientiously had declared this  same  house / Total built up area of 270 sq. m; acquisition cost - BGN 180 thousand / and who of them lied when completing the tax return ?

4. Why the "pathologically honest" editorially responsible of Capital Yovo Nikolov does not "investigate" who has illegally built  the phenomenal  concrete "facilities" - terraces, columns, stairs, landings, rusted railings and others on the picturesque cliffs at the sea coast immediately below and near his own property?

Does he as well as his close use these "facilities" for access to his private beach on Dalyan Chaika?

5. Did Yovo Nikolov never hear    that there are tax laws in Bulgaria, which should be respected, as well as PPC, punishing in turn the lawbreakers? And the PPC sanctions are not minor...

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